Watch as I set out to make 3 games or fail trying!

On September 4th I will post the first episode of Game Developer Bootcampa video series that brings you in the trenches of independent video game development.

Game Developer Bootcamp will be a bi-monthly video series with weekly videos and development livestreams. The easiest way to stay up to date with my work is to follow me on Twitter.

Livestreams will begin on August 29th and occur weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 to 11 am EST. You can subscribe to my streaming page to be alerted when my stream goes online.

If you have any more questions you can reach out to me through Twitter, my website, or see if your question is answered on the Game Developer Bootcamp homepage.

Hopefully that’s the most I’ll ever have to embed links in a single post. This has been incredibly exciting to plan and start up. Strap in and join me on this journey, whether I make it or fail trying!

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