Infinite Horizon is a peaceful, meditative exploration game in which you travel to procedurally generated solar systems and explore the surface of infinite worlds in your planet rover.

In Infinite Horizon, you are a collector of planetary resources for a federation ship. For every routine exploration of a solar system, you’re given a set of capsules for collecting specific materials, and you land on planets that have the resources you’re looking for. So turn on your favorite podcast or radio station, kick back, and enjoy the sights and sounds as you collect and explore.

This game was developed as a part of Game Developer Bootcamp video series. You can learn more about that series here.

    Designed to be a zen experience: bite-sized objectives to make you feel productive.
    Beautiful, minimalist, low-poly environments with dynamic weather, time of day, terrain, planets, solar systems, all generated infinitely so there’s always something to explore.
    Original music score composed by Emerson Smith.