See Us In The Stem For All 2017 Video Showcase

Hey everyone! We’re excited to share with you our development on VRFE: Virtual Reality Field Experiences. This is an National Science Foundation funded project being developed by Clemson University and ESIO LLC.

Our first content module is designed for engagement with introductory geology concepts and practices in a virtually-simulated Grand Canyon. Our video submission for NSF’s Stem For All 2017 Video Showcase shares our ongoing research and development of our VRFE Project.

Check out our video on our Stem For All 2017 page and if you like what we’re doing and want to support the project, please do give us your Vote For Public Choice!

To keep up to date with our development, you can follow me on twitter and watch our blog! Also be sure to check out our webpage on the project here. Thanks for watching!

MechVR and site updates!

It’s been over a year since my first blog post. A young, fresh team was gearing up to develop an awesome new vr game, and I was getting ready to finish my last year of college. Now that sprint of a 6 month development cycle is over, we’ve presented at SIGGRAPH, I’ve graduated college, gotten married, and moved to Alaska.

Time really does fly.

One thing I’ve taken far too long to do is organize the projects I’ve worked on and so my first step in doing that is the creation of the PROJECTS page of this website and the link on there to MECHVR. I’ve figured out the style I want for my different project pages and am happy to share the first of those today! I hope to do another post on the experience of demoing at SIGGRAPH, but this is what I’ve got for now.

Thanks for giving it a look.

Development Begins On Mech Fighting Simulator

T wo weeks ago I started development on a new virtual reality game project at Clemson with some heavy hardware behind it: the SimCraft and Oculus Rift. Welcome to The Hangar. The goal behind this project is to build a believable experience of being inside of a giant mech. We have a hard deadline to have most basic functionality working by the end of next week so you can expect to see something playable soon. The rest of the semester will be focused on building more fleshed out levels and challenges for players to try.

Unlike most projects I’ve worked on, the play sessions we are designing for last about as long as an amusement park ride. We’re building controls with flight sticks to be intuitive enough for a player to jump in and play for 5 minutes.

We currently have some placeholder objects in Unity to develop our movement and controller scripts. We have a targeting and shooting system developed that we need to pair with our character. We have target objects that we can easily scale and give paths to follow to give the player something to shoot at in this first pass. Our main focus for this next week is going to be finishing up this test environment and connecting the game to the SimCraft.

John Welter, Emerson Smith, Victor Zordan, Kevin, Saurabh Hindlekar, Paolo Usero

John Welter, Emerson Smith, Victor Zordan, Cung Jao, Saurabh Hindlekar, Paolo Usero (not pictured Garret McKay)